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Journey into extraterrestrial orbit with Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics

Read what one of our Readers liked the most about Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics’ debut album.

Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation released a second album

Are you ready for “Trouble”? German band Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation has released a new album and it’s a proper dose of urban ska.

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Rude girls to the front or 7 female-fronted bands we like

The music industry is still a very masculine world. That is why on International Women’s Day we recommend you several contemporary bands, in which women play an important role.

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Chainska Brassika ft. Frank Harper – Simple Things

Do you remember Billy from “Football Factory”? Frank Harper played the part. The British actor guest starred in the new song and music video of the London band Chainska Brassika.

Penrose Records is releasing soul artists from Southern California

The founders of New York’s Daptone Records have an ear for soul music. And because it pulsates all over Southern California, that’s where they launched the new imprint – Penrose Records.

Vespa – Ściemniacz

Polish ska scene was boiling up when last year Vespa announced that their former singer and saxophonist, Alicja will be joining the band again. The lucky ones witnessed her return during the 3rd edition of Gdańsk Ska Jamboree. Others were still wondering if all this was true. Till this day.

Iconic No Sports records reissued after 30 years

Every time I see the slogan “stay rude stay rebel” somewhere, I hear the No Sports song in my head. At the beginning of the year, Mad Butcher Records reissued their EP and debut album on vinyl.

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Polish 90s ska legends are back!

They were supposed to never play again, but after ten years they decided to come back. Skankan, one of the pillars of Polish ska, reactivated. They’ve already played several concerts and are planning to release an album. Here’s the story.

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The Bartenders – Tańcz i Klaszcz

I’ve heard several times that Poles can’t clap to the beat. In my experience, other nations also have some problems with this. Perhaps The Bartenders’ new song will be the cure for this condition. Watch the music video!

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Claude Fontaine: reggae and bossa nova

The history of this album is very charming. Here is an American living temporarily in London. One day she finally enters the record store, which she passes by every day on her way home. And because it was not a completely random store, after passing the threshold the American finds herself in a completely different world.

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Win Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics record

Check how you can win the Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics vinyl record.

Badasonic Records – Belgian label worth keeping an eye on

When you want to release a record that sounds too soul for some and too reggae for others, you don’t have many options. You can opt-out and switch to black metal, try some DIY methods or start your own label. The creators of Badasonic Records decided on the third option.

Cover of The Tellways EP - Closer To Fire
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The Tellways – ska and rocksteady from Detroit

Are you looking for a pleasant soundtrack for a lazy Sunday? Check out some fresh blood from Detroit – The Tellways.

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This is the line-up for Freedom Sounds 2020 – FESTIVAL RESCHEDULED

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on public events, concert and festival promoters are forced to cancel or postpone them. The Freedom Sounds Festival, scheduled for the end of April in Cologne, found itself in the latter situation. The promoters set a new date – 4/5 September and announced the first bands – The Bluebeaters and Kalles Kaviar. We will inform you about the new line-up as soon as it is confirmed.

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Jesse Wagner & The Badasonics: Soul music is what got me into reggae and ska

Plenty of stars play at Freedom Sounds Festival, but usualy the artists listed slightly lower on the event poster cause my heart to beat faster. That was the case with Jesse Wagner & The Badasonics. After a great gig we had an opportunity to talk a little – listen or read the interview.

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The Uppertones: Jamaican boogie, that’s what we do

The Uppertones are coming back to Poland! Next week, with a refreshed line up and maybe also with some new songs, they will play in Poznań, Warsaw and Gdańsk. On this occasion, we want to take you back in time to last spring, when Mr. T-Bone and company visited us last time.

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Mighty Sounds 2019

Among the festivals that combine different alternative genres in one place, Mighty Sounds is my favorite. Every year you’ll find punk, hardcore, rock’n’roll bands and of course those that we like the most in their program . Check out why you should go to the Czech Republic this weekend.

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40 years of 2 Tone Records on BBC Radio 6

In 1979, Jerry Dammers from The Specials founded 2 Tone Records, the label which name was to become the name of the entire musical genre.

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Eastern Standard Time: Ska has never died

Eastern Standard Time’s concert was from the start on my list of “gigs to see” at Freedom Sounds Festival 2019. In the first days of April the Americans released their sixth album, “Time For Change” and I was curious, how the new material will sound live. I took the opportunity to chat with the drummer and band founder, James McDonald and vocalist, I-Peace Unikue.

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Top 5 concerts at Freedom Sounds Festival 2019

To say that Freedom Sounds is a great festival is not enough. Before we tell you exactly what happened during the memorable last weekend of April in Cologne, Magdalena prepared her Top 5.

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Keith & Tex: Rocksteady set reggae up to be what it is today

Derrick Harriott once said, “Ask any Jamaican musician and they’ll tell you the rocksteady days were the best days of Jamaican music.” Despite its short lifespan, the influence of this genre is not to be underestimated. Keith & Tex, best known for their hit “Stop That Train”, were a part of this new craze.

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Vic Ruggiero: I create a world for myself, where it all works together

There was no indication that RudeMaker would celebrate its tenth birthday in any way. When our good friend Victor Quero wrote that he would like to invite The Slackers to Warsaw, it became clear that this was supposed to happen. After all, users of the Soundcrazy forum, which a few years later  transformed into RM, met personally in Kraków in 2003  at the New Yorker’s concert.

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Susan Cadogan: There’s only one chance in life for everything

– Well, that’s life, when you want to record an interview with an artist. You can’t be everywhere – I thought when I was leaving the Soothsayers’ gig at this year’s edition of Freedom Sounds Festival. Susan Cadogan, a Jamaican singer who was famous in the ’70s with the hit “Hurt So Good” recorded for Lee Perry, was waiting for me at a hotel nearby.

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What would a skinhead want under a Christmas tree – gift ideas

When you’re passing by a ligthened up reindeer while going to work, you’re hearing “Last Christmas” for the fifth time this week, it’s a sign that it’s about time to get down to christmas gifts. If up till now you still didn’t have time to think about it, perhaps RudeMaker’s gift ideas will help you a little. These are the things that would make me or my partner happy, from stores I know and where I shop. Nothing in this article was sponsored (that’s a shame).

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Reggae Workers of the World: It’s a really funny creative process

In USA attitude to Jamaican music depends on which coast you live on (or perhaps on how much sun you get during the year). In California musical nerds strip away Treasure Isle and Studio One music to recreate it perfectly. In New York musicians write great songs by intuition or trial & error. From connecting both these worlds Reggae Workers Of The World emerged. Alongside Jesse Wagner from The Agrrolites and Vic Ruggiero from The Slackers there’s also Nico Léonard from The Moon Invaders throwing in his two euro-cents. Their second album “R.W.W. II” was released in May by Nico’s label, Badasonic Records. For this occasion they went touring in Europe.

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Steady 45s: to us this is not only business, it’s our lives.

It doesn’t happen too often to accidentially meet musicians, for whose gig you’ve came from far away. Imagine our surprise, when we stumbled upon guys from Steady 45’s at our hotel’s lobby. It’s not like we’ve ended our day at festival right away and end up at a crazy party in the hallway, but it made much easier to set up a meeting to record an interview at hotel’s dining room.