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The Bartenders – Tańcz i Klaszcz

I've heard several times that Poles can't clap to the beat. In my experience, other nations also have some problems with this. Perhaps The Bartenders' new song will be the cure for this condition. Watch the music video!

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The Bartenders still shot from a video

Polish finest ska-jazz band The Bartenders will release a new single on February 29, with “Tańcz i Klaszcz” (“Dance And Clap”) on the A-side and “Cebron” on the B-side. The songs were produced by Patryk Tylza, who is known for his cooperations with various Polish pop artists, including Mrozu and Dawid Kwiatkowski.

The vinyl single, limited to 300 copies, will be released on Bad Look Records (on green, transparent and black vinyl). It will also hit streaming sites.

Photo: still from the music video “Tańcz i Klaszcz”



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