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Badasonic Records – Belgian label worth keeping an eye on

When you want to release a record that sounds too soul for some and too reggae for others, you don't have many options. You can opt-out and switch to black metal, try some DIY methods or start your own label. The creators of Badasonic Records decided on the third option.

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Badasonic Records record releases

The founding fathers of the Belgian label Badasonic Records are Nico Leonard (Reggae Workers Of The World, The Badasonics, Moon Invaders) and Brieuc Labiouse. They release mainly ska, rocksteady, reggae and soul and they want to keep their catalog very diverse.

Badasonic Records singles covers

History of Badasonic Records

The album that nobody wanted to release was recorded by Caz Gardiner, Washington based singer, and the label’s house band – The Badasonics. Its members include musicians from Moon Invaders and Caroloregians. They are planning to cooperate with various vocalists, for example with Jesse Wagner from The Aggrolites (I look forward to this album since last year’s great gig at the Freedom Sounds festival).

Badasonic Records also releases other artists. The first long-play in its catalog is the second album of Reggae Workers Of The World, “R.W.W. II”. You will also find David Hillyard and Rocksteady Seven’s “Burrulero” EP there.

Badasonic Records catalog

Until now, Badasonic Records released 3 long-plays. The aforementioned recordings of Caz Gardiner and Reggae Workers Of The World and a fresh one from January – vinyl edition of “In America” by Victor Rice, which was first released in 2003.

A few words from the Boss!

Opublikowany przez Badasonic Records Wtorek, 28 stycznia 2020

The label’s catalog includes also several short releases – EPs by David Hillyard and The Mooks (including The Slackers’ Vic Ruggiero and Simon Chardiet) and singles by Caz Gardiner, R.W.W., The Slackers and Crazy Baldhead.

The latter band releases their next album on Badasonic Records. “Go Oasis” will drop on March 20 and will be the musicians’ return to their ska origins. You can listen to the single, “Wait For The Night”, recorded with Maddie Ruthless of the New York band The Far East.

In February, “Fire Crackers”, which is the second album of Pyrotechnist, will see the light of day. The band is an instrumental dub project formed by Nico Leonard and Pierre Haegeli from Moon Invaders.


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