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In Buena Onda Reggae Club Caribbean music meets Brazilian heritage

I like to listen to bands from warmer countries in the summer. I imagine beach concerts and tropical drinks with umbrella straws. In Poland the heat is already lurking around the corner, we are slowly coming out of lockdown, and only live music will be missing in this puzzle, at least for some time. Fortunately, there’s an album coming to the rescue and although it came out in January, it will be good to listen to in our part of the world right now.

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Listen to Steady Social Club’s “Take One” ahead of its official release

The first Polish rocksteady band, Steady Social Club, is releasing its debut album on May 11. On RudeMaker you can listen to this record today!

Still from The Uppertones & Friends video

The Uppertones & Friends – musical support for medics

During the pandemic, the artists are not bored at all. They write new songs, broadcast their shows in limited line-ups on social media, or, like Mr. T-Bone, support the needy with their music.

Taapa Groove – “Punto Negro”

I’m always very happy when I manage to find on the internet a band I’ve never heard before, and whose sound is way above average. Of course, I am even more surprised it turns out to be a band with more than 10 years of experience. That’s the case with Taapa Groove, who in 2018 released their 4th album – “Punto Negro”.

Once again Alpheus proves what he’s capable of

Today is the premiere of new Neil Martin’s album. You might know him better as Alpheus, a singer specialized in rocksteady music. Will his new piece of work be actually a winner as the title suggests?

First Polish rocksteady band releases a debut album!

At last! Finally someone in Poland has put together a group focused exclusively on playing rocksteady music. You can read all about it on RudeMaker – who are the members of Steady Social Club, when will they release their debut and most importantly you’ll hear what all this fuss is about.

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Polemic feat. Dr. Ring Ding live at Pohoda 2018

If you ever wondered, how a concert looks from the bands’ perspective, watch Polemic and Dr. Ring Ding‘s live video from festival Pohoda.

Special album to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra’s debut

“Skapara tōjō”, the first TSPO long-play, with one of the band’s earliest hits, “Monster Rock”, was issued in 1990 by Epic Records. And on the occasion of the jubilee, the Japanese have prepared a special release for their fans.

Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation released a second album

Are you ready for “Trouble”? German band Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation has released a new album and it’s a proper dose of urban ska.

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Rude girls to the front or 7 female-fronted bands we like

The music industry is still a very masculine world. That is why on International Women’s Day we recommend you several contemporary bands, in which women play an important role.

Iconic No Sports records reissued after 30 years

Every time I see the slogan “stay rude stay rebel” somewhere, I hear the No Sports song in my head. At the beginning of the year, Mad Butcher Records reissued their EP and debut album on vinyl.

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Polish 90s ska legends are back!

They were supposed to never play again, but after ten years they decided to come back. Skankan, one of the pillars of Polish ska, reactivated. They’ve already played several concerts and are planning to release an album. Here’s the story.

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Jamaican ska reggae singer Floyd Lloyd dead at 70

Jamaican ska and reggae musician, singer and songwriter Floyd Lloyd passed away at the St. Ann’s Bay hospital on Tuesday, November 6. He was 70 years old. An artist’s representative told Urban Islandz 

He was sick for a while but didn’t make it public so the news may come as a shock to his fans.

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R.I.P. Trevor McNaughton

Another legend passed away. Founder of The Melodians died yesterday at the age of 77 years. He was the last living original band’s member.

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Robert Brylewski died

Robert Brylewski, Polish musician, singer-songwriter, and producer, died yesterday morning. For several weeks he was in a coma caused by severe trauma. He was 57.