Polish 90s ska legends are back!

They were supposed to never play again, but after ten years they decided to come back. Skankan, one of the pillars of Polish ska, reactivated. They've already played several concerts and are planning to release an album. Here's the story.

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Skankan live concert

In the 1990s, the so-called third wave ska became extremely popular in the United States. The kids came to ska-punk gigs in crowds, and some bands hit the mainstream. The German scene also grew stronger. In Poland, the word ska meant little to anyone, although the characteristic guitar parts could be heard in several radio hits. Fortunately, there was a city where skinheads moved to the songs of The Specials and Desmond Dekker. This was Sosnowiec – Polish Kingston.

Skankan band live show

Skankan – the band’s story

Sosnowiec is where the musicians of Skankan come from. The band was formed in 1993 as a one-off project. A year later, Skankan had a proper line-up and toured regularly. In 1995, the band opened the first Woodstock Festival Poland (now Pol’and’Rock Festival) in Czymanów. They were the usual guests of the festival for the next few years.

Also in 1995 the band released their debut cassette “Live 95”. It consists of material from various concerts and two studio recordings – “Kona długi dzień” and “Dżolo”.

A year later, the musicians released the cassette “Skankan ożywia trupy”. Although it left much to be desired in terms of production, it has permanently entered the history of Jamaican music in Poland – it’s one of the first Polish ska long-plays.

Not only Poles liked the ska, reggae and rock’n’roll mix from Sosnowiec. Skankan’s songs were released on foreign compilations, and the band appeared on club stages abroad. In Berlin they had the opportunity to play before Desmond Dekker.

Over the years, the band performed gigs, and the musicians occasionally collaborated with well-known Polish bands, including Frontside, Püdelsi and Pidżama Porno. They also recorded music for the film etude “Randka w ciemno” by Mieczysław Herba.

In 2009, after many personnel changes, Skankan released the album “Try To Feel It”. In the spring of 2010, the band suspended operations.

Skankan’s comeback

After 10 years, former Skankan musicians reunited. The decision to reactivate the band was made by the trumpeter and founder of the group, Szczepan Łach and one of the first drummers, Sebastian Steć (Horrorshow, Ziggie Piggie). They were joined by Binkwa and Jarczys (from Skankan’s early years), keyboard player, Stanisław Student (Sari Ska Band, Ziggie Piggie) and several other experienced musicians. In the summer of 2019 they recorded a music video for the single “Stado muszek”, which is a preview of a new studio release.

In autumn, during the 10th birthday of street punk band Booze & Glory, they played their first gig after reactivation.

Skankan live 2019

Łapcie dwa utwory z koncertu "Nie przejmuj się" i "Nic się tu nie zmienia"Skankan live 201910 urodziny Booze & Glory

Opublikowany przez Skankan Official Niedziela, 27 października 2019

Skankan’s concert in Warsaw

If you prefer to see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears how Skankan is doing on stage, come to Pogłos in Warsaw on February 29th. Warsaw-based The Bartenders will be their support. The best Polish ska-jazz band will premiere their new single “Tańcz i Klaszcz”.

The gig starts at 7 p.m., but get ready to dance until the morning. 6T’s Club and Karma Sound will prepare the right amount of hits for the after-party.

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