Mighty Sounds 2019

Among the festivals that combine different alternative genres in one place, Mighty Sounds is my favorite. Every year you'll find punk, hardcore, rock'n'roll bands and of course those that we like the most in their program . Check out why you should go to the Czech Republic this weekend.

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Three main stages (two large ones and one tent), three DJ tents and a stage with acoustic concerts. The very musical part of Mighty Sounds is enough to fill each festival day. Those hiperactive or selective on concert issues can still benefit from a rich additional offer. You can choose from sports activities, workshops and theater performances (mostly in Czech, but once I found a funny pantomime, if that was what I think it was). If you add to this a large selection of tasty food and drinks, the whole event might look like a perfect holiday weekend. At least I always thought about my trips to Tabor this way.

I will not hide that my musical fascinations go far beyond Rudemaker’s themes. That’s why Mighty Sounds programs every year are at least interesting to me. However, I guess that many of you, readers, may expect a slightly higher density of your favorite sweet sounds. Maybe this wave of increased interest in what we like the most will eventually move from the US and Mexico to Europe. In the meantime, let’s check what you cannot miss at Mighty Sounds this year.

On Friday, the concerts start at 3:30 PM, but before the real party begins, there will be time for tent placement and a meal that will help you survive until the morning. After 6:00 PM, the well-liked (and often seen live) The Hotknives will play. This is a band that is always worth choosing. Good concerts, a good dose of hits – it works on and in front of the stage. Until now, I have approached their performances rather skeptically, a bit because they do not play my favorite songs, but at this year’s This Is Ska festival I was impressed. I hope that they will be in a similar form in the Czech Republic.

I don’t need to present The Skatalites to anyone. Although fewer and fewer of the band’s original musicians still can be seen on stage, the young ones who occupied their seats are very talented. There is nothing to write more. A feast for the ears is guaranteed!

Thirty minutes after the previous concert you can go back to the same stage to check if Czechs from Fast Food Orchestra are in good shape. They have been present on the scene for over twenty years, and during the summer tour they decided to recall some of their oldest compositions.

At night, you don’t have to go to sleep early. Remember to check out the DJ tents. There you can find great ska, reggae and rocksteady parties.

If you like to listen to some roots reggae from time to time, do not miss the Original Wailers concert on Saturday. Although, in spite of the name, there are no original members of The Wailers in this band, but Al Anderson, who joined the group in the 1970s, plays the guitar.

The Dutch from Jay The Cat will perform on the same day. These gentleman also played This Is Ska this year. I wasn’t carried away by their show, but I know that they have a large group of fans who always come out of their concerts very pleased.

If you want a dose of decent soul, I recommend The Originators. I have heard that with the new singer they are doing as well as with the previous one. They play on the tent stage and I think it will get very hot in there, for various reasons.

On Sunday I would start the party with the British Buster Shuffle. I’ve seen them live a few times and to be honest, I definitely had most fun the first time. This does not mean, however, that it is not worth giving them another chance. For example, to see how to play the keys with different parts of human body.

With curiosity, I would check out a concert by other islanders, The Bar Stool Preachers at Lucky Hazzard stage. Although I don’t listen to ska punk very often, I have a feeling that their show will be a blast.

However, the Americans from the New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble will definitely be the star of the evening (and in my opinion – of the whole festival). The legend of ska-jazz from the East Coast recently released the long-awaited album “Break Thru”, which we reviewed a few days after the premiere. I hope that the new songs performed live will be even better than on the album.

If this list seems too short, check out other Jamaican music concerts too. The organizers have marked all the related genres with one color in the festival program. When you’d like to listen to ska, reggae and so on, look for yellow. And on the list are, among others, Discoballs, Persiana Jones and Sto Zvířat. Of course, you do not have to stick to these suggestions alone. Festivals such as Mighty Sounds are a great opportunity to find out if you’re heart might beat louder to hardcore, rock and roll or psychobilly.

The Mighty Sounds festival takes place at Čápův Dvůr airport, near the Czech town of Tábor, which lies south of Prague. This year it will last from 12 to 14 July. All organizational information can be found on the festival’s website.


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