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Italian Covid Ghost Town 2020

Ghost Town in Italian? I honestly didn't see that coming while browsing through musical novelties on YouTube yesterday night. Statuto crew couldn't even suspect how up to date their cover will be on its release day, when they were recording the song in fall.

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Gli Statuto is a cult mod band from Italy established in 1983. 15 studio albums, performance at famous San Remo festival or gigs with such genre giants as The Specials – it’s only a part of their output. Ska, northern soul, garage sounds with a pop topping – you’ll find it all in their music.

After more than 30 years they’re still faithful to their roots and subculture. If anything was to prove otherwise it’s most definitely not “Città Fantasma” (I think every time I pronounce this title I like English “Ghost Town” name a little less).

In the video Statuto shows you some beautiful yet uncheerful images of their hometown Turin. Visually it’s directly connected with The Specials’ original. Neville Staple’s part is played by Italian rapper Luca Zulù Persico. The song was produced by Francesco Caudullo or Madaski from Africa Unite project (he’s also vocally present here).

Said depressing pictures were initially referring to social-cultural desert afflicting many Italian cities. Covering the whole country with a quarantine caused by Coronavirus caused the message to be a little different. Let’s hope that soon everything will be back to normal and dancefloors will fill again.

Photo: still from Statuto video


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