Los Aggrios on vinyl

If you're looking for a decent old-school instrumental early reggae, Los Aggrios from Los Angeles will be a good choice. They recently released their first 45.

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Los Aggrios - Alcohol - vinyl

Los Aggrios have been a part of the California reggae scene for some time. Musically, they refer to reggae sounds from the late 1960s, with an emphasis on the organ.

The lucky ones could see their gigs in the Los Angeles area. Until recently, all others were left with the recordings available on the Internet. Now we are in a slightly better situation, because Los Aggrios’ first single is available on our favorite vinyl.

The 45 released by the California label Steady Beat Recordings includes “Alcohol” and “Mantén La Fe” recorded by: Jose “Gato” López (drums), Gonzalo “Guerrero” Casimiro (organ), Luis Casimiro (bass) and Paul Ramírez (guitar).

The band also shared these songs on their Soundcloud profile. If you look there, be sure to listen also to their live recording from 2019.

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