Malambo Ska Band debut EP out now

Malambo Ska Band is a 2-Tone band formed in 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. So far, their songs could be heard only on two compilations issued as part of The Specialized Project ("BOSS" i "Dance Crazy") and on the compilation "Solo Como Un Hongo" by Argie Pop Records.

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Argie Pop Records is also the publisher of the band’s debut 3-songs EP called “Under The Ska”. The songs were recorded between April and July 2018 at Kingston Factory in Buenos Aires. All recording, mixing and mastering was done by extraordinary Esteban Descalzo.

If you have not heard about him yet, you must catch up. ASAP! First listen to the band Smocking Flamingo, in which he plays the trombone. And then records, where he participated in recording,  mixing, mastering and/or production, including Mimi Maura & Los Aggrotones’ “Stormy”, Gigantes Magneticos’ “Power Of Choice” and a compilation entitled “Kingston Factory presents: The East Coast Sessions”. 

You can listen to the EP or download it on Malambo Ska Band’s bandcamp. Soon it will be available on Spotify and other streaming services.

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