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Stay at home and watch Perú Ska Festival Online

It's getting hotter and hotter and the pandemic restrictions on the organization of cultural events in Poland loosen up. Small concerts and open-air parties are slowly coming back to Warsaw. But in other parts of the world, online events are still the best pastime. This weekend, it's worth staying at home and virtually going to a ska festival in Peru.

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Eastern Standard Time band during a concert
Eastern Standard Time, photo: Magdalena Miszewska

The Perú Ska Festival Online will take place for the second time this year. The first edition in May only lasted one day. This time there are many more bands taking part in the event, so you should stock your fridge for 3 days of fun.

Perú Ska Festival Online #2

Over 90 artists from around the world will participate in the online festival, and most will come from South and Central America. Local bands completely fill the program for the first two days. But the third will be intercontinental. We’ll see bands from, among others, Brazil, the United States, Japan, and several European countries. What makes us especially happy, Polish ska scene will also be represented, by a Warsaw-based band – The Bartenders.

Perú Ska Festival will be broadcasted on Facebook and Instagram. The concerts will start at 13:00 Central Time. The program includes less and better-known artists. I encourage you to watch the festival in its entirety and be surprised by the diversity of interpretations of Jamaican music. However, if you prefer to prepare a little earlier, use the playlists put together by the promoters:


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