Dub Pistols feat. Rhoda Dakar – Stand Together

Sometimes reality catches up with the words of a song. The new Dub Pistols single was released on June 4, when BLM protests and riots took place in the United States. “Stand Together” seems to be a song written for the moment, but it was created two years ago.

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Promotional graphic "Stand Together", a single by Dub Pistols i Rhody Dakar

This 2 Tone tune features the icon of this genre, Rhoda Dakar. The former leader of The Bodysnatchers is not only the lead vocalist, but she also co-wrote the song. Referring to her own experience, she notes that although things have changed for the better, we still have a lot to improve when it comes to the fight against racism.

Like the 30-plus-year-older Special AKA’s protest song “Free Nelson Mandela”, which was also co-created by Rhoda, “Stand Together” is a catchy tune. It also brings hope for a better tomorrow, reminding us that changes are possible when we stand united.

No matter what the problem
Unity will get us through it
It’s our intent to right wrong
Stand together
We can do it

The strikingly timely music video, referring to the fight against racial segregation and police brutality, was created a month before the tragic events in Minnesota. It features archival footage from protests of the civil rights movements in the 1950s and 1960s.

“Stand Together” is the first single of Dub Pistols’ 8th album. Addict will be released on September 11 on CD and silver vinyl on Sunday Best Recordings.



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