Vespa’s “Bujaj się” on vinyl

Great news for vinyl maniacs! On 27th October, 2018 - 15 years after the premiere of the CD - Vespa's second album "Bujaj się" will be released on vinyl for the first time!

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Record was originally released in 2003 by Jimmy Jazz Records. It’s a perfect connection between first Vespa recordings and band’s later fascination with swing music.  Among registered compositions there are first recordings with Alicja vocals and also first swing tastes, which became much more relevant on next albums. “Bujaj się” contains many songs that in the years to follow became band’s classics and constant element of live performances – “To miasto”, “TT56” or “Agnieszka” to mention a few. On CD (album was released in times of cassetes popularity) there were three additional recordings including song “Tadzio”, published previously on “Pol-Ska Norma” compilation. For the purpose of vinyl release few colorful intermissions had to be cut off, but the rest of the original material was almost completely preserved.

LPs will be available in two colours: black (regular version) and yellow (limited version – only about 80 copies will go to official sale). A refreshed version of the album cover was made by Malwina from OLD SCHOOL DESIGN.

Pre-order w Jimmy Jazz Records:
black vinyl, regular edition
yellow vinyl, limited edition
black vinyl, test-pressing


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