Travelers All Stars debut

One of the best bands I got to know during last few years has finally released a record. Even if we're only talking about a 45, I still consider it a big event. Energy that this band can put into several minutes tune could be envied by quite a few scene's veterans with many albums on their accounts.

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I’ve came across Travelers All Stars on internet in 2016 or 2017. I think it was a bad quality video from rehearsal or a very small gig. What was striking was the sound of keyboard, actually they’ve had two at that time. What they were playing could be probably best defined as “instrumental skinhead reggae”. Not only it sounded amazing despite definitely amateur quality of the recording, but they’ve also had this purest, absurd even, joy of playing.  Not often you see so much of authentic fun. All that made me to take a closer look at them.

It looks like they’ve been operating for ten years now. Their name refers to means of public transport in which band members spend quite a big part of their lives. They’ve played many times as a backing band for Jamaican legends such as Derrick Mogan, Derrick Harriott, Charlie Organaire, Stranger Cole, Keith & Tex or Roy Ellis. However, you’ll search in vain for any studio recordings from past decade. Single songs appeared on two very cool compilations – Rudies All Around Vol. 1 and Birth of the Fourth Wave of Ska. In both cases they were peak moments of those sets. But only this May Travelers All Stars lived to see their own, debut 7″. What’s curious, it was released not in Mexico but in France by Cigale Records label, which also starts its music industry adventure with this disc.

Although first press (525 pieces) has sold out straight away, you can still place your order by mail. Second run should be available very soon. If someone has any doubts if he wants to add “Don’t Give Up” and “George’s Hair Cutting” to his vinyl collection, teasers below should make things very clear.

I have no clue, why guys from Mexico release their debut in Europe, but I am hoping they’ll go one step further and will visit us here in person. If someone would ask me today what contemporary band I’d like to see live the most, I’d answer without any hesitation – Travelers All Stars.  REGGAE GORDO!


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