The Aquabats – Kooky Spooky​.​.​. in Stereo!

We already know two first songs from upcoming Aquabats album. Both got pretty cool lyrics videos and their sound lets me be quite optimistic about fast aproaching premiere of "Kooky Spooky…In Stereo".

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The Aquabats - Kooky Spooky​.​.​. in Stereo! - cover

Few weeks ago I refreshed my knowledge of old Aquabats records and it looks like I most defitely haven’t grown out of them. As usually 90s ska tires me after few songs, here I had few hours of actual fun and laughs. All the more excited I am about June 20th and first since 9 years, sixth altogether studio album of my favourite superheroes in blue uniforms.

First single we got to hear as part of “Kooky Spooky” promo actions is horror themed “Skeleton Inside!”.

Second is no less than official world quarantine anthem. It tells a story of marvelous opportunities linked with life without leaving home. Despite this lady in the picture “Pajamazon!” is also obviously a song about me.

“Kooky Spooky…In Stereo” is available to pre-order now. It comes in digital version, as CD, and even a vinyl.

Update: two weeks later “Pajamazon!” got its own full video.


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