Steady Social Club

First Polish rocksteady band releases a debut album!

At last! Finally someone in Poland has put together a group focused exclusively on playing rocksteady music. You can read all about it on RudeMaker - who are the members of Steady Social Club, when will they release their debut and most importantly you'll hear what all this fuss is about.

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Steady Social Club "Take One" vinyl cover

It’s not like no one in Poland has played rocksteady before.

It’s just there were only some singular shots in various bands’ repertoires. They might have even been very good shots, but always on a side note of these bands actual sound. This time we actually have a project from its very beginning to the end dedicated to this kind of music. Rocksteady is gonna be a main course here and no one should have any doubts about what was playing in the hearts of the musicians while they were entering the recording studio. It seems we hear some notes of liking flying in our direction – thanks to these guys courtesy it’s us who today have the honor to introduce you to their firstborn child. So here it goes, with great pleasure and outright pride RudeMaker presents

Steady Social Club

Steady Social Club band
Fot.: band’s archive

Steady Social Club is a band from Szczecin established in 2019. Don’t be fooled by the group’s short traineeship – its members for many years have been quite active on Polish (and not only) ska scene. Maciek Januchowski (guitar) and Bartek Kościański (bass) are both playing in Vespa and Artur Grochowski (drums) is an ex-member of the band. Vocalists invited to this project also have their musical first steps long behind them. Ania Teliczan is widely recognizable in Poland after she became a finalist of a tv talent show and recorded a solo album in 2012. Before that she cooperated with Real Cool Sound sound system and ska-jazz ensemble, The Bartenders. Boris Borowski represents Berlin’s scene, he performs, among others, with Spartan Allstars. Wioletta Baran sang in a funk band from Szczecin, Big Fat Mama.

Steady Social Club – Take One

A record musically set in the 60s is begging to be recorded in a true old-school style. Steady Social Club registered their songs fully analog, in one take, on a tape recorder Tascam MS-16 from the 80s. Material was mixed in mono on an analog console. Even the album’s cover has been made by hand using the linocut technique.

“Take One” is the first album recorded in Olympia Super Studio belonging to Boris. It’s gonna have its premiere on May 11th, but right now you can already listen to the first four tracks on Bandcamp. Also you can preorder the full record there, via e-mail or at Jimmy Jazz Records.

Steady Social Club’s debut will be available on black vinyl and digitally.

The record is going to be released by Steady Social Club Records. It will be the first, but we already know it won’t be the last one in the new label’s catalog.

You’ll hear the remaining eight songs for the first time obviously also on RudeMaker. While you wait, we encourage you to like Steady Social Club on Facebook, to look at their Instagram and to subscribe to their YouTube channel.


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