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New Polish ska compilation

The Polish ska scene has never been too thriving. You can count the bands regularly releasing new albums on the fingers of one hand. No wonder it’s been already 20 years since the last compilation presenting Polish ska bands was released. SKAsety.PL vol. 1 is the latest attempt to showcase contemporary Polish ska.

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Steady Social Club – „Take One”

Do you sometimes order a record without first hearing it? Without knowing even one song? Steady Social Club’s album was the first in a very long time that I purchased without hearing a single second of it.

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Listen to Steady Social Club’s “Take One” ahead of its official release

The first Polish rocksteady band, Steady Social Club, is releasing its debut album on May 11. On RudeMaker you can listen to this record today!

First Polish rocksteady band releases a debut album!

At last! Finally someone in Poland has put together a group focused exclusively on playing rocksteady music. You can read all about it on RudeMaker – who are the members of Steady Social Club, when will they release their debut and most importantly you’ll hear what all this fuss is about.