The Uppertones – 3 on 1 EP vol. 2

The Uppertones is an Italian trio with famous vocalist and trombonist Mr. T-Bone as a leader. As they are known for quite extensive touring, there's a good chance you've already heard their mix of jamaican R'n'B, calypso, mento and ska. Besides all those gigs guys sometimes decide to visit the studio. Latest effects of that kind of activities are three songs released on a 45.

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Label responsible for this 7″ is italian-dutch Tardam Records, and this fresh  EP is a second Uppertones record pressed by them in 3 on 1 series. Of three song put here you might be familiar with two, if you listened to last year’s “Up Up Up!” album.

Third one is titled “Open Your Heart” and it looks like it’s the premiere stuff and main dish here. I didn’t see any Madonna credits on the back, so I wouldn’t expect her cover. I guess we’ll have to check out by ourselves what’s the deal here. You can buy this record at Amsterdam BeatClub. You’ll also find there first edition of three-song Uppertones series. Its trailer is below.



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