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There aren't a lot of bands which had such a huge impact on contemporary reggae scene as The Aggrolites. You could say that their 2003 album "Dirty Reggae" was actually a new opening and started a whole wave of bands inspired by dirty funky early reggae sounds. Countless tours all over the world, five next releases and.. 8 years of break. Now they're back and we'll be able to judge the quality of this return on June 24th.

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To be absolutely clear I’ll add that the 8 years break didn’t exactly mean a complete hiatus. There were some gigs, there was activity of band members in other projects but they’ve limited their Aggrolites operations to necessary minimum.

Maybe they were a little burned out, perhaps they needed some distance, search for new inspirations – most importantly they’re back and there are some serious indicators that they’re in excellent shape. In April they’ve shown the world their first new song “Pound for Pound”. In my opinion… it’s beautiful and perfect. In line withs previous announcements it’s a come back to simpler form known from old recordings. It’s obvioulsy a completely personal feeling, but if I catch myself listening to the same song over and over again while singing it together with Jesse… I simply know it’s great.

You can already listen to “Groove Them Move Them” too. Perhaps there’s not so much strengh here, but it’s still very cool. There’s more place for Roger’s keyboard stunts. Whole album won’t  lack them. 1/3 of it is gonna be instrumental.

I can’t recall another premiere that I awaited so impatiently.  The album is gonna be released by Pirate Press Records. It’s gonna be accompanied by enormous US tour with Long Beach Dub All Stars. We’re happy to share with you a first-hand confirmed info, that The Aggrolites will also visit Europe this autumn.

And here you have three dangerous reggae cats in one pic. Those cool “Pound for Pound” flexi discs were added to every Badasonic Records purchase during Freedom Sounds Festival. I have no clue if they’re still available but feel free to investigate that while shopping there. They should release a record of Jesse Wagner & The Badasonics very soon. Worth checking out for sure.


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