Daptone Records goes ska!

Yes, you're seeing this right. Brooklyn based label known for promoting such fantastic performers as Charles Bradley, Sharon Jones or above all The Frightnrs this time decided to bet on the classic 60s ska sound. Since yesterday you can preorder "Lover Like Me" 7" vinyl by Leon Dinero and The Inversions.

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Two one-minute samples available on Daptone webpage allow you to ascertain that you definitely want to add this record to your collections. The one responsible for transferring the song originally performed by Lee Fields & Sugarman 3 to the world of ska is Victor Axelrod or Ticklah, also known for producing the famous Frightnrs’ album. It looks like he’s done a similarly great job with this project. As far as the keyboard plays the lead role in “Conscience is Heavy” on the B-side, “Lover Like Me” wins all with the vocal. Who is this Leon Dinero guy and why nobody has ever heard about him? You won’t find any info about him on the internet but I have this funny feeling that his identity is no mystery to anyone familiar with Jamaican music environment of New York. I have no idea if I’m on the right path but in my speculations I’ll use only one innocent clue. Perhaps it will lead you to the similar conclusion. We’ll probably know more on June 7th – the premiere date. Oh, beautiful record, please come home already. I’m really hoping for more sounds like this coming from Daptone.


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