Special album to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra’s debut

"Skapara tōjō", the first TSPO long-play, with one of the band's earliest hits, "Monster Rock", was issued in 1990 by Epic Records. And on the occasion of the jubilee, the Japanese have prepared a special release for their fans.

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Cover of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra album Tokyo Ska Treasures

Last year, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra celebrated its 30th birthday. The jubilee tour was to end with special concerts in March, but these were canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fortunately, the Japanese have also prepared tangible souvenirs on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of their debut album, “Skapara tōjō”.

Tokyo Ska Treasures – Best Of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

The next compilation of the band’s greatest hits, “Tokyo Ska Treasures”, will be released on March 18. It will be available in several different sets, and all will contain music and film discs:

  • 3 CD – the basic music part, first two discs consist of selected songs from 2001-2020, and the third – selected instrumental songs from 1998 – 2007;
  • 3 CD + 2 Blu-ray – basic music part and 39 music videos, 30-minute live footage and 50 minutes of special footage;
  • 3 CD + DVD – basic music part, live footage and 40 minutes of special footage;
  • 4 CD + 2 Blu-ray (fan edition) – basic music part, CD with several remastered songs, 39 music videos, live footage and special video footage prepared for this edition, photobook and rain poncho.

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (Skapara) over the years invited various vocalists for their gigs and records. This time it’s no different. The new song “Good Morning – Blue Daisy”, which will hit the birthday compilation, was recorded with the pop singer Aiko.

You can watch the “Tokyo Ska Treasures” movie digest below.

Photo: the cover of “Tokyo Ska Treasures” 3 CD set / Otomo Katsuhiro


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