The Offenders tour in Poland

The Offenders are coming to Poland next week for 5 gigs. Band was created in Italy in the end of 2005. When they released their first album "Hooligan Reggae", they had no idea, that in future it'll be considered european ska scene classic.

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Quickly they began receiving lots of gig offers. They signed a first serious contract with Grover Records (which released “Action reaction” in 2009) and moved to Berlin. They still live there today. Right now they’re promoting their new album “Heart of Glass” released this january by Destiny Records.

First three gigs  – in Cracow, Wrocław and Warsaw – Valerio & Co. are gonna play with australian band The Rumjacks (celtic punk).

  • 23.10 – Cracow, Zet Pe Te – The Offenders, The Rumjacks – tickets 65/75 zł
  • 24.10 – Wrocław, Stary Klasztor – The Offenders, The Rumjacks – tickets 50/75 zł
  • 25.10 – Warsaw, Pogłos – The Offenders, The Rumjacks, CF98 – tickets 65/75 zł
  • 26.10 – Poznań, Klub Dragon – The Offenders – tickets 25/35 zł
  • 27.10 – Gliwice, Klub Studencki Spirala – Punk Generation 2018: The Offenders, August Landmesser, Fate – Zespół punkowy, Schröttersburg i inni – tickets 35/50 zł


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