Skank Ranger’s colors on vinyl

If you haven't already had an occasion to make yourself familiar with Skank Ranger activities, the upcoming premiere of his new 7" is your perfect chance. This time the hero of this text has got down to a polish hc-punk classic - "Kolory" (Colors) by Post Regiment.

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Skank Ranger is an alias of Grzegorz Zacharewicz, well known musician and producer on polish ska/reggae scene. It’s quite possible you associate his name his name with projects like Skauci, Soul Pistols or Alex Sugarov & The Lux Brothers. Some of you might also remember Ostróda Ska Reggae Stomp – a festival, coorganised by him. More than two years ago he unveiled himself to the wide world as Skank Ranger and made “Love it? Dub it!” his motto. Since then not only he frequently plays live dub sessions with accompanying insruments but also publishes great recordings featuring his musical friends.

Last year he self-released debut single “Ewa chce Dub/O Warmio Moja Miła” (Eve wants Dub/Oh Warmia, My Dear), which was received very well. Side A refers to a song widely known in Poland from a movie “Ewa chce spać”. On a B-side you can find a dub version of Warmia’s anthem.

You should definetly subscribe Skank Ranger’s YouTube channel. There are some cool tunes coming there regularly. He likes to work on some famous songs and performers – Crazy Baldhead, Dr. Ring Ding, Macka B – to mention just a few.  In June there was also a really nice video clip published there – “Warmia Spirit”, where a young female vocalist I-Steppa pitches the glamours of Warmia region inna dub style.

But let’s get to the point, a premiere announced for December 10th.

This time the main dish served on a wax plate is a song “Kolory” by a legendary polish punk band Post Regiment. Punk purists and ortodoxes might not appreciate it, I’m digging it, oh yes. Marta Kret is real dope on vocals of the reggae version. The rest of the sound was taken care by Skank Ranger, There’s a nice vibe here!

Internet premiere of the song took place more than year and a half ago, so there’s a chance you’ve already listened to it. If not, you make up for it right now.

Since that time an originator of all this fuss must have heard lots of warm words about “Kolory”. He finally decided to put in on vinyl. Mastering was handled by Studio AS One, and on B-side there’s a “Kolory Dubu” (Colors of Dub) version recorded by well known on a polish soundsystem scene Jah Love crew. You’ll find a trailer of this release below.

You can already pre-order your copy by email: (“KOLORY” in subject line) or by Facebook. Price is 30 PLN (Something around €7) + delivery. I highly recommend you add this plate to your collection.


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