“Ska Delight” documentary finally available online

Although this movie's premiere took place almost six years ago, many of you probably didn't have a chance to actually see it. Tomorrow it's going to change and Ska Delight will hit the internet.

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Ska Delight on laptop screen

Ska Delight - okładka
Film cover, author: Jack Domon

Let me remind you that we’re talking about a documentary which is a cross-section of worldwide ska scene.

People responsible for this project are (among others) Krzysztof Gajewski and Victor Quero. The lion’s share of the screentime is taken by conversations with artists – those who were present when ska was born in Jamaica, those creating the 2 Tone era and contemporary ones who are keeping the ska flame alive nowadays. Tons of interviews and shows in Europe and America – more than 70 hours of raw recordings were compressed into the final image and the list of performing artists seems to bee endless.

The Skatalites, Doreen Shaffer, Stranger Cole, Neville Staple, Mark Foggo, The Aggrolites, Fishbone, The Hotknives, Mr. Review, Eastern Standard Time, The Void Union, The Toasters, Reel Big Fish, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble – it’s just a piece of what you should expect. Let’s add that part of the narrator is played by Dr. Ring-Ding.

Till now most occasions to see this documentary were inevitably connected with a need to visit a music festival, most probably in Europe. Since its premiere at This Is Ska in Germany there were quite a few chances to see the film, but as there weren’t any more mainstream distribution channels, the movie remained known to wider audiences mostly from its posters and trailers. Now, in times of common worldwide quarantine, the authors decided to make our time spent at home just a little nicer and to share their work for free on the internet.

Ska Delight - promo- stay at home
Promo materials

Ska Delight will have its online premiere on April 8th.

As soon as it will be available, we’ll update this article and add an appropriate link. You won’t miss it for sure if you’ll follow Ska Delight on  Facebook. Also, don’t forget that this whole project was completely independent and self-financed. Its creators will surely appreciate any voluntary donations.

UPDATE: Full Ska Delight movie is here!



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