Sentimental Moods feat. VOCALS

Sentimental Moods is an instrumental ska band from Jakarta, Indonesia. They're formed in 2009 and released 2 LPs, 4 EPs, and singles. On 13th October, 2018 (International Cassette Store Day) the band - in collaboration with Doggy House Records - released EP "Sentimental Moods feat. VOCALS". EP was released in physical form only on the cassette.

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In each of the songs a different vocalist sings. 3 songs = 3 3 vocalists from bands from Jakarta. All songs in other versions have been previously released on other releases.

“Payung Fantasi” is a cover of Ismail Marzuki’s 1955 song. Marzuki was an Indonesian composer, songwriter and musician. The song “Jembatan Merah” was written by Indonesian singer-songwriter Gesang Martohartono in 1940.

1. Suka-Suka (feat. Bonita Adi of Bonita & the hus BAND)
2. Payung Fantasi (feat. Novel Evelyn Silaban of Caltonettes Serenade)
3. Jembatan Merah (feat. Aprilia Apsari of White Shoes & The Couples Company)

The EP is also available on Spotify


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