Robert Brylewski died

Robert Brylewski, Polish musician, singer-songwriter, and producer, died yesterday morning. For several weeks he was in a coma caused by severe trauma. He was 57.

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Brylewski is considered as one of the pioneers of both punk rock and reggae in Poland. He was a co-funder or co-creator of bands Kryzys, Brygada Kryzys, 12RAEL, ARMIA, Max i Kelner, Falarek Band, The Users, Dyliżans, Poganie, and 52UM. In 1986 Brylewski opened his own recording studio and label Złota Skała (Gold Rock). Gold Rock has released, among others, the following albums: “Human Energy” Będzie Dobrze, “78-81” Kryzys, “Good Connection” Stage Of Unity, and “Ombreola” Starzy Singers.

Brylewski took part in recording of the ZiggiePiggie’s album “Old Songs” (released in 2009 via Jimmy Jazz Records). He also collaborated with KoNoPiAnS.

In May 2012, Brylewski’s autobiography, titled “Kryzys w Babilonie” (“Crisis in Babylon”), was published by the Wydawnictwo Literackie publishing house. In the book, Brylewski answers numerous questions about his childhood, youth, music, and private life.

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