Riverside Stomp XV

I've been at Riverside Stomp Festival only once and it was 12 years ago. That's where I've seen Derrick Morgan for the first time and if only because of that I have very fond memories of this event. Mainz is not very close to Warsaw, so during all those years I haven't been able to repeat my visit, but every year I observe line-ups offered by the promoters with true pleasure. This time it's also interesting.

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A noticeable tendency is inviting artists who don’t perform very often and you won’t see them at every other festival this year. The 15th edition’s headliner is a concert titled “Ladies of Studio One”. You can catch Doreen Shaffer and Dawn Penn in Germany pretty easily, but seeing Norma Fraser looks like a little sensation. Oh, I’d really like to hear the sound of it.

I see no need of further introducing Dr. Ring Ding. He always plays great shows not only with a full band but also in more dancehall dj version. With clean conscience I can also recommend Maroon Town. I’ve seen them last year at Freedom Souds Festival. After releasing the new album they’re full of energy and in great shape. I recall Soulfood International mostly as a backing band for all those older Jamaican superstars. I have no idea what kind of set they’re gonna play in Mainz but you won’t be dissapointed, that’s for sure. The Magnetics are definitely on the rising curve right now, lots of fun guaranteed. There’s also 8°6 Crew, in some circles downright cult band from Paris, with its roots going as far as 1995. Ska and skinhead reggae en francais in very much European style.

From my visit at Riverside Stomp I remember that its very strong suit was the all-nighter after the gigs. If you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, make sure you check this out for yourself. This year in addition to Germans (Little Boy Blue & OLove Sorrow) there’s gonna be a Polish delegation, frequent guests of world’s dancefloors, Bigger Boss Sound. Party till morning guaranteed.

I absolutely recommend this festival. All these great things will be happening this Saturday. You’ll find the details on the event’s page. I’ll only add that the party will take place at the XIXth century reduit by the river Rhine. Whole surrounding area and the city of Mainz have a lot to offer in matters of tourism and sightseeing. You won’t be bored for sure.


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