Reel Big Fish – Life Sucks…Let’s Dance!

One of the best American ska-punk bands returns with a new album. Yesterday, Reel Big Fish released the first LP of brand new material in 6 years. 

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“Life Sucks…Let’s Dance!” contains 14 new songs, including 2 covers of The Forces of Evil songs. The Forces of Evil was a side-project of lead singer Aaron Barrett’s with former members of Jeffries Fan Club, The Scholars and Lone Raspberry. The band were active from 2001 to 2005

Reel Big Fish began working on the album in January 2018 at engineer and band’s friend David Irish’s recently built Pot of Gold Studio in Orange, California.  Founding member and frontman Aaron Barrett says: “I have an unhealthy obsession with my dog Walter and I started singing little songs to him about how cute he was. Then I realized I had written some pretty catchy songs. So I changed all the lyrics because I didn’t think anybody would want to hear a rock opera about my dog”.

He adds: “We started recording the album in January 2018 and really took our time with it. Our friend and engineer David Irish just finished building his new studio “Pot of Gold” in Orange, CA, and we loved how everything sounds there. There’s just really good energy and good vibes there, plus there’s a really adorable studio kitten named Iggy Fluff there, so we may have accidentally made a positive, happy record instead of a pissed off, hateful record, oops…well, there’s a little pissed off-ness in there and some sarcastic, funny lyrics as usual! Also, I just got married so there might be a few sappy love songs on the album too! Yuck!”.

Trumpet player John Christianson also said to fans about the album that “We’re going to make you laugh, we’re going to make you dance, we’re going to make you raise your middle finger. We’re going to make you forget about your problems and live”.

“Life Sucks…Let’s Dance!” promotes two music videos – to the song “You Can’t Have All of Me” (published in October) and to “Ska Show”.


1. Life Sucks, Let’s Dance
2. Pissed Off
3. You Can’t Have All of Me
4. In Love Again
5. Tongue Tied and Tipsy Too
6. Bleached Thang, Baby
7. Another Beer Song
8. Bob Marley‘s Toe
9. Ska Show (The Forces of Evil Cover)
10. The Good Old Days (The Forces of Evil Cover)
11. G.D. Beautiful Day
12. I Should Know By Now
13. I’d Rather Get It Wrong
14. Walter’s Highlife

Album was released via Rock Ridge Music, an independent record label and artist management company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Label has previously published, among others “Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album ‎” (2006), “Fame, Fortune And Fornication” (2009) and “Candy Coated Fury” (2012).

“Life Sucks…Let’s Dance!” is available on CD and via all major streaming services.


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