The next big thing is coming from Switzerland

Kalles Kaviar recorded a new album. Will it be as big as its title suggests? Check it out for yourselves.

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Kalles Kaviar cover of "The Next Big Thing" album
Album cover

Kalles Kaviar is a band from Switzerland. They’ve been playing traditional ska, rocksteady and early reggae since 1996. Current members are: Andi Schär (vocals, guitar), Yogi Feyfar (trombone, vocals), Simon Weishaupt (saxophone), Philip Dobkowski (trumpet), Bennet Uk (keyboards) Daniel Bernegger (drums), Rene Buser (bass), Joël Neuhaus (guitar).

For several years, Nicole Bernegger (former vocalist of the soul band The Kitchenettes) sang in the band. She appeared as a guest on their previous album, “Volume 6” released in 2014, in the song “Bag A Boo”.

Two years ago, Kalles Kaviar released the double seven-inch “Voodoo Man”.

Kalles Kaviar – Probably The Next Big Thing

“Probably The Next Big Thing” is Kalles Kaviar’s 7th album. It was released on March 20. The band recorded 12 original songs kept in an old school style with occasional dub sounds. Great for dancing!

The second song on the album, “24-7 Ska”, can be considered the band’s creed. Andi Schär refers to Doreen Shaffer’s and Jackie Opel’s songs, explaining why he listens to ska 24 hours a day. Kalles Kaviar already put a similar song on their previous album – but in “Reggae Music Sweet” they declared their love for reggae.

The title song, “Probably The Next Big Thing”, tells the story of a boxer who is to become the new star of this discipline. Apparently this boxer is a metaphor for ska music, which has already been said to be the “next big thing” several times. Let me just remind you that we know at least one boxer in the history of ska music – it’s Cecil Bustamente Campbell, who earned his nickname Prince Buster in the ring. At the moment, ska is getting more and more popular in the United States and South America. Perhaps the title of the Kalles Kaviar album will prove to be prophetic, even if it applies only to their record. I wish them that because I really enjoy listening to it.

You can buy “The Next Big Thing” at Rude Zone Shop. It’s also available on Spotify.

Photo: album cover of “The Next Big Thing” by Kalles Kaviar

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