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Mango Wood – Stomp You Down

Many great records have been released this year. Lots of good ska, reggae, even rocksteady. Yet, what Mango Wood created still managed to make a huge impression. Imagine that you put on the record, hear the first sounds, next tunes and suddenly you realize that something is not quite alright, it’s gotta be a mistake, someone has put the wrong record into the sleeve. It was supposed to be fresh stuff from this year, not an early reggae compilation from the 60s. I got conned!

Once again Alpheus proves what he’s capable of

Today is the premiere of new Neil Martin’s album. You might know him better as Alpheus, a singer specialized in rocksteady music. Will his new piece of work be actually a winner as the title suggests?

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Keith & Tex: Rocksteady set reggae up to be what it is today

Derrick Harriott once said, “Ask any Jamaican musician and they’ll tell you the rocksteady days were the best days of Jamaican music.” Despite its short lifespan, the influence of this genre is not to be underestimated. Keith & Tex, best known for their hit “Stop That Train”, were a part of this new craze.

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What would a skinhead want under a Christmas tree – gift ideas

When you’re passing by a ligthened up reindeer while going to work, you’re hearing “Last Christmas” for the fifth time this week, it’s a sign that it’s about time to get down to christmas gifts. If up till now you still didn’t have time to think about it, perhaps RudeMaker’s gift ideas will help you a little. These are the things that would make me or my partner happy, from stores I know and where I shop. Nothing in this article was sponsored (that’s a shame).