Dr. Cycos – Polish Ska legends on vinyl

This had to happen. Polish Ska legend finally goes into wax. Originally this self-titled album was released as a cassette in 1996. Few years later CD edition followed. Now it lands on vinyl by Oldschool Records and Jimmy Jazz Records celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

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Let’s remind that it’s one of the very first ska studio albums in Poland. It was recorded during single weekend. Two local bands have met in a Kakadu studio in Szczecin – Dr. Cycos and not an inch less legendary on a streetpunk scene, The Analogs. Lineups of these bands were overlapping quite significantly. Marek “Oreł” Adamowicz (guitar), Ziemowit Pawluk (drums) and Paweł “Piguła” Czekała (bass) – those three guys were members of both projects. On a first day they’ve recorded music for two albums. Next days efforts were focused on vocals and mixes. First and sadly the last record of Dr. Cycos was released by Piguła’s friend, Zdzisław “Dzidek” Jodko on his Rock’n’Roller label, a precursor of today’s Jimmy Jazz.

As the story of this band actually ends a moment later with Piguła’s run-ins with the law and a sentence to a few years in prison, it’s worth to mention something about a group’s beginnings. Paweł Czekała was previously known rather from hardcore projects. His reasons to turn his attention to Ska and Rocksteady were actually very noble. As he said on an interview with Machina magazine in 1999: ” At some point I simply felt an urge to play something, that my wife would like to hear.”

“Gentle, swinging rocksteady-ska” – I’m not sure if  I would describe music of Dr. Cycos with exactly those words as that article’s author, but without any doubts the album was a true milestone for polish ska scene and it definitely had this special something which still makes me feel very sentimental about it.

Dr Cycos - LP - back

Don’t waste time, place your orders or write an e-mail. Pre-sale is on. Press is only 200 pieces. You can choose a black or red 180g vinyl.

I’ll only add that it would be absolutely great, if on this beautiful occasion the band would play even a single show after all those years. I’ll leave everything, I’ll go anywhere!



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