Arte on skinheads – Capturing a Culture

Do you know a documentary series by Marc-Aurèle Vecchione entitled "Capturing a culture"? The program was realised by Arte, a public Franco-German TV network that promotes programs in the areas of culture and the arts.

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“Capturing a Culture” looks back at groundbreaking countercultures through the eyes of the photographers who captured their essence and showcased their rebellious spirit. We especially recommend episodes 11 and 12, in which Gavin Watson tells about the skinhead subculture. His photographs were published in the books “Skins” (1994) and “Skins and Punks” (2008), with director Shane Meadows citing them as an inspiration for his film “This is England” (2006).

The program is available in the English version with Spanish and Polish subtitles.

Episode 11: “The Skinhead Identity”

Episode 12: “The Skinhead Divide”


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