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Reggae Now! – this summer’s soundtrack

In May I’ve already shared with you my optimistic predictions about new Aggrolites album. Two tracks presented before the premiere allowed me to rub my hands with glee and to prepare my player for some intensive work. The physical record arrived just today, but the truth is I’ve already had it memorized.

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Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos – Rockstone

It’s the release you don’t want to miss. Junior Thomas aka Thomas McDowall was born in Minneapolis. After moving to California, with help of musician and producer Brian Dixon he formed a 10-men band The Volcanos and devoted himself to recording beautiful, melodic tunes refering to the golden era of rocksteady.  In effect in 2005 an absolutely perfect album “Beware” was created. After three years guys went with the punch and on  October 18th “Rockstone” came out.