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Crazy Baldhead is back with the new album

Jay Nugent a.k.a. Agent Jay a.k.a. Crazy Baldhead is to most known as the guitarist of The Slackers. While there he’s disciplined to give the band a good backbone, he lets himself loose in his solo project.

Chainska Brassika – Shmanny Ska

Members of Chainska Brassika during home isolation recorded a new song encouraging people to dance. In the music video they used recordings sent by their fans.

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Los Aggrios on vinyl

If you’re looking for a decent old-school instrumental early reggae, Los Aggrios from Los Angeles will be a good choice. They recently released their first 45.

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The Aggrolites Live at Sugarshack Sessions

The Aggrolites played a short acoustic show in the Sugarshack Inc. compound. You can listen to songs from this session also on Spotify.

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Victor Rice releases a new album

The previous album, “Smoke” was the first part of a musical trilogy documenting Rice’s attempts to combine rocksteady and samba. The next release containing these experiments will see the light of day in mid-May. Listen to the first single.

Still from The Uppertones & Friends video

The Uppertones & Friends – musical support for medics

During the pandemic, the artists are not bored at all. They write new songs, broadcast their shows in limited line-ups on social media, or, like Mr. T-Bone, support the needy with their music.

The Aquabats – Kooky Spooky​.​.​. in Stereo!

We already know two first songs from upcoming Aquabats album. Both got pretty cool lyrics videos and their sound lets me be quite optimistic about fast aproaching premiere of “Kooky Spooky…In Stereo”.

Taapa Groove – “Punto Negro”

I’m always very happy when I manage to find on the internet a band I’ve never heard before, and whose sound is way above average. Of course, I am even more surprised it turns out to be a band with more than 10 years of experience. That’s the case with Taapa Groove, who in 2018 released their 4th album – “Punto Negro”.

Once again Alpheus proves what he’s capable of

Today is the premiere of new Neil Martin’s album. You might know him better as Alpheus, a singer specialized in rocksteady music. Will his new piece of work be actually a winner as the title suggests?

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The Aggrolites – “Move Em Groove Em” (Live at RevivalHouse Records)

Just when I almost forgot about The Aggrolites and their beautiful record from last spring I was suddenly reminded how great it is. What a mood!

“Ska Delight” documentary finally available online

Although this movie’s premiere took place almost six years ago, many of you probably didn’t have a chance to actually see it. Tomorrow it’s going to change and Ska Delight will hit the internet.

First Polish rocksteady band releases a debut album!

At last! Finally someone in Poland has put together a group focused exclusively on playing rocksteady music. You can read all about it on RudeMaker – who are the members of Steady Social Club, when will they release their debut and most importantly you’ll hear what all this fuss is about.

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The Skapones – Dorian’s Going Grey

These are not easy times for artists, but where there’s a will there’s a way. The Skapones in conditions of “home isolation” managed to record a cool video for their latest single “Dorian’s Going Grey”.