Iconic No Sports records reissued after 30 years

Every time I see the slogan “stay rude stay rebel” somewhere, I hear the No Sports song in my head. At the beginning of the year, Mad Butcher Records reissued their EP and debut album on vinyl.

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Polish 90s ska legends are back!

They were supposed to never play again, but after ten years they decided to come back. Skankan, one of the pillars of Polish ska, reactivated. They’ve already played several concerts and are planning to release an album. Here’s the story.

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The Bartenders – Tańcz i Klaszcz

I’ve heard several times that Poles can’t clap to the beat. In my experience, other nations also have some problems with this. Perhaps The Bartenders’ new song will be the cure for this condition. Watch the music video!

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Claude Fontaine: reggae and bossa nova

The history of this album is very charming. Here is an American living temporarily in London. One day she finally enters the record store, which she passes by every day on her way home. And because it was not a completely random store, after passing the threshold the American finds herself in a completely different world.

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Win Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics record

Check how you can win the Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics vinyl record.

Badasonic Records – Belgian label worth keeping an eye on

When you want to release a record that sounds too soul for some and too reggae for others, you don’t have many options. You can opt-out and switch to black metal, try some DIY methods or start your own label. The creators of Badasonic Records decided on the third option.