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A Christmas gift from Roger Rivas

Do you remember the fantastic early reggae Christmas single from Roger Rivas & the Brothers of Reggae released in 2015? He did it again! Roger returns with two instrumental hot shots of early/skinhead reggae.

Reggae music added to UNESCO Cultural Heritage List

UNESCO, the cultural agency of the United Nations, annually adds new entries to its Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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Gdańsk Ska Jamboree – that’s the kind of festival we need

Last weekend was gonna be great and I knew that way before it started. First Gdańsk Ska Jamboree was already fantastic and for its second edition promoters planned so much great bands from abroad, that it was even remotely imposssible to imagine, that something could go wrong.

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Gdańsk Ska Jamboree 2018 – saturday

Our correspondent was able to take few spontaneous shots during second day of Gdańsk Ska Jamboree.

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Masons Arms – Wunderbar

Masons Arms from Cologne published their new video today. “Wunderbar” promotes group’s third album.

Yellow Cap’s new album is coming this month

This year, the German band Yellow Cap celebrates its 20th anniversary. On 30 November, the band’s jubilee album will be released by one of the most famous European ska label, Pork Pie.

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Jamaican ska reggae singer Floyd Lloyd dead at 70

Jamaican ska and reggae musician, singer and songwriter Floyd Lloyd passed away at the St. Ann’s Bay hospital on Tuesday, November 6. He was 70 years old. An artist’s representative told Urban Islandz 

He was sick for a while but didn’t make it public so the news may come as a shock to his fans.

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R.I.P. Trevor McNaughton

Another legend passed away. Founder of The Melodians died yesterday at the age of 77 years. He was the last living original band’s member.

Skank Ranger’s colors on vinyl

If you haven’t already had an occasion to make yourself familiar with Skank Ranger activities, the upcoming premiere of his new 7″ is your perfect chance. This time the hero of this text has got down to a polish hc-punk classic – “Kolory” (Colors) by Post Regiment.

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The Specials announce new album

British 2-tone icons The Specials have announced their first album of original material in two decades. The band will release the new LP called Encore on February 1st, 2019 via UMC/Island.

Encore  will be the band’s first album of new material since 1998’s Guilty ‘Til Proved Innocent!. The lineup for the band on the Encore is Lynval Golding, Terry Hall and Horace Panter, along with drummer Kenrick Rowe and guitarist Steve Cradock. It’s  the first time that founding members Panter,  Golding and  Hall have recorded together since 1981’s UK number one single Ghost Town.

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Gdańsk Ska Jamboree vol. 2

There’s not a lot of events in Poland, which you could proudly call a ska-festival. During the years there were a few initiatives of that kind, but usually they weren’t able to stay for its second, and surely not the third edition. In this context what looks extremely optimistic is Gdańsk Ska Jamboree. Its second edition is gonna take place this weekend.

10 songs for 100 years of Polish Independence

Last Sunday in Poland we celebrated the 100th anniversary of regaining our country’s independence. That’s the perfect occasion to launch upon the high, international seas and to showcase our website to the rest of the world.

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Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos – Rockstone

It’s the release you don’t want to miss. Junior Thomas aka Thomas McDowall was born in Minneapolis. After moving to California, with help of musician and producer Brian Dixon he formed a 10-men band The Volcanos and devoted himself to recording beautiful, melodic tunes refering to the golden era of rocksteady.  In effect in 2005 an absolutely perfect album “Beware” was created. After three years guys went with the punch and on  October 18th “Rockstone” came out.

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Reggae Workers of the World: It’s a really funny creative process

In USA attitude to Jamaican music depends on which coast you live on (or perhaps on how much sun you get during the year). In California musical nerds strip away Treasure Isle and Studio One music to recreate it perfectly. In New York musicians write great songs by intuition or trial & error. From connecting both these worlds Reggae Workers Of The World emerged. Alongside Jesse Wagner from The Agrrolites and Vic Ruggiero from The Slackers there’s also Nico Léonard from The Moon Invaders throwing in his two euro-cents. Their second album “R.W.W. II” was released in May by Nico’s label, Badasonic Records. For this occasion they went touring in Europe.