10 songs for 100 years of Polish Independence

Last Sunday in Poland we celebrated the 100th anniversary of regaining our country’s independence. That’s the perfect occasion to launch upon the high, international seas and to showcase our website to the rest of the world. During last 10 years we wrote most of our content only in Polish. For the last few months on our Facebook profile you could see that we’re trying to change it. From today the fully english version of our website will be available on RudeMaker.com domain. We’re gonna do our best to put all our articles in english here.

On this important moment I’d like to make a good welcome and show you a very subjective list of ten cool and meaningful songs by Polish artists, which, you could say, created or still are creating a ska/rocksteady/reggae scene in our country. Get to know a piece of our Polish musical history.

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Michał Gawlicz died

Sad news. Michał Gawlicz died, he was 39 years old. Michał has been associated with Polish reggae music for many years, he was a manager, promoter, creator and prime mover of many musical projects and events (for example Reggae Majówka in Olesno).He worked a.o. with HABAKUK, Makabunda, Naaman, Lion Vibrations and Sidney Polak. He was the founder of the concert and publishing company Artakcja – he published Cała Góra Barwinków’s album “Beat 2 Meet U” and a film about the Częstochowa reggae scene “Żywe Drzewo”. R.I.P.